The dogma of choice

"Ουκ εν τω πολλώ το ευ", quality over quantity, as the ancient Greeks said. The distinction between quality and quantity is, therefore, an ancient story. This fundamental doctrine is our belief. That is why we search and select the most aromatic and delicious extra virgin olive oils, between small productions and limited olive oils, where it is really possible to maintain quality as a compass in production.

Once we have identified the olive oil that meets the strict quality standards set by our company, samples are sent to a certified chemical analysis laboratory. At the same time, we carry out organoleptic evaluations, identifying the positive aromatic and tasty characteristics of olive oil.

And because we like to receive a second opinion on your behalf, we cross-examine the results of our organoleptic exams with the best professionals in the field.

Only then, when we are 100% sure, will we start shipping fresh olive oil to our company premises.

The dogma of choice
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