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    "Cook" was my answer, when I was asked "what do you want to be when you grow up" as a child. This is the testimony of close relatives who attributed it to my great appetite. But the truth is that the naive and effortless response I gave before I started to hold onto memories was due to the fact that I was born to a mother who was an excellent cook, as was her mother (my grandmother). It seems that in my innocent mind, as I watched them gather different materials and turn them into something extremely tasty, the whole cooking procedure looked to me like... well, a kind of magic!

    In the interim years, I studied Law while working in various jobs related to catering and entertainment, while my main occupation later was finance and banking. Completing a successful 18 year cycle at the end of 2017, I felt it was time to change my life path, investing in what I was able to achieve in the first 45 years of my life. The olive oil industry is very interesting and dynamic in my country. This is something I strongly believe in, as the benefit is multifaceted and touches a very large number of people living in the Greek countryside.

    My first concern for the first half of 2018 was to refine my knowledge on the organoleptic evaluation of olive oil. After attending an excellent training course, I certified my knowledge as an olive oil taster. Through this, I was given the opportunity to unlock my personal abilities, sharpen my perception and train my sensory organs responsible for taste and smell. I continue the education program with long distant courses, with the aim of obtaining the title of professional olive oil taster, but mainly to continue tasting olive oils from all over Greece and the world. I think I'll keep doing that for as long as I live...

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