Our journey

       Through “Kallistefi olive gems”, I embark on a very promising journey into the world of exquisite gastronomy, taste and aroma, with you, consumers everywhere, as my travelling companions. The starting point for all of us is my homeland, Greece, where olive cultivation was discovered and spread throughout the world, which led to the integration of olive oil consumption as a cornerstone in human nutrition, many millennia before the term "Mediterranean diet" was coined.

       Our common journey has as intermediate stations the numerous articles, scientific studies, & medical clinical tests, all of which document the beneficial impact of olive oil consumption on the human body. Modern medical science has repeatedly confirmed what her father Hippocrates had said, that "let food be thy medicine" and called olive oil the "Great Healer". Olive oil is one of the few natural preventative "medicines", which we can take every day, consuming it in various ways, while enjoying a great and delicious meal. It’s that simple: we treat our body in the best possible way, fortifying it with antioxidants, etc.

       However, on our common journey we will meet some of the most important chefs on the planet.  Lots of them have argued that the use of extra virgin olive oil enhances the taste of almost any dish. Whether it's a simple salad with raw vegetables or a much more complicated recipe, the natural juice of the olive fruit (extra virgin olive oil) is always the element that makes the difference. It is the natural factor that turns a delicious dish into a culinary delightful experience! So, we have the ultimate combination of enjoyment, along with the health benefits. 

       These are the coordinates that determine the destination of our trip. As a Greek, who was born and raised with the privilege of enjoying this ultimate combination every day, I feel obliged to share it with as many of you as possible. I strongly believe that it is my duty to give you the opportunity to try out how the extra virgin olive oil should smell like and what kind of flavor it should leave on your palate. And this is a goal that I can only serve in one way: by adding to your range of choices one of the best Greek extra virgin olive oils. This is my personal Ithaca.

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