Our vision

       The small family olive grove in south-eastern Pelion, thanks to its eastern orientation, is permanently bathed by the morning sunshine. When the wind blows from the sea to the land, either "Tramountana" or "Levante", the salty Aegean breeze splashes the olive grove. These two contribute to the creation of a unique - one would say – microclimate, which, in turn, is imprinted on the fruiting of the olive and ultimately, the olive oil produced. Our ambition is, by applying a vertically integrated crop improvement system and grove -in cooperation with the scientific staff of the University of Thessaly- to create a totally organic grove. No use of synthetic fertilizers, but only with compost of vegetable origin and animal manure from free-range sheep and goats in collaboration with local breeders. With as little human intervention as possible, in the olive trees natural life cycle.

       At the same time, we aspire to gradually create a stable team of partners. We are looking for small olive grove farmers and producers, with whom we can share the same lasting love for excellence. We want the care of the olive groves and the individual seasonal work to be planned under the supervision and coordination of the scientific team with which our company collaborates. In the same way, we want to coordinate both the timing and the way of harvesting and the olive oiling in a cooperating mill that has the most up-to-date cold pressing equipment and many years of experience in this part of the production process. Our aim is to create the conditions for long-term multilevel cooperation, so as to maintain the same excellent cultivation conditions. Watching closely the whole olive process, from the quality of the soil in which the olives grow to flowering, fruiting, the natural protection of the trees and the repetition of the same excellent oiling conditions, there are many details that can and do make a difference in the final result. We want to pre-determine those details, by achieving the same excellent result each time. We will keep you up-to-date with news about our results. The quality of the oiling of a completely vertically integrated crop production process is currently an ambition. But it is something for which we hold modest optimism.

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