Why we do it

    One of the memories I hold dear since I was a very young child, is from when we used to visit relatives in the village, somewhere in the Greek countryside. Because the sense of smell in humans is inextricably linked to memory, if I close my eyes I can still smell my grandmother's quick snack when she didn't have much time: she was putting a slice of bread on the fireplace and grabbed some fresh olive oil, salt and oregano from the mountain she had previoysly collected and dried herself. Of course she was then forced to endure my begging for another slice...!

   Every time, I only had one question in my mind: "how can all the food in the village - even the salad - be even more delicious than the already excellent food my mother cooked in the city"? It took me several years until I realized that the recipe didn't matter, but the purity and freshness of the ingredients made all the difference! This was the most important secret in Grandma's recipes... And of course, part of the same secret was the olive oil she used in all her dishes. It was always from the family estate, from the few olive trees that were taken care of, apart from the rest, because from the beginning they were intended for home consumption...

    Many important chefs in the world have already spoken about the importance of fresh and pure ingredients in creating a high-end gastronomy dish. Whether preparing a single dish, or serving the customers of an entire restaurant, choosing the right raw material is half the success. Well, that’s exactly what we want to achieve with our product: to make it easier for all of you -both the novice, as well as the greatest chefs in the world- on your mission: to be able to create valuable memories for those you take care for.


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