Traditional Greek folk wisdom is usually trapped in a proverb that is easily transmitted from word to word and from generation to generation. For olive oil, a very old couplet urges us to eat "fresh olive oil and old wine". This is because time works inversely depending on these two products. Wine gets better as it ages. But the olive oil is not. Its contact with atmospheric oxygen, sunlight and high temperatures do not allow it to retain its precious properties, nor its aromatic elements for a long time. Scientific research, demonstrating the correctness of popular wisdom, has documented the particular requirements of olive oil for its storage conditions.

    However, science and technology have done their wonders. Here, too, scientific research has shown that when olive oil is stored in stainless steel containers, it has been shown to retain its properties and aromatic properties for a much longer time. Also controlling the temperature of the storage environment has been shown to prolong the times above. And finally, when olive oil does not come in contact with ambient air, but with an inert gas such as nitrogen (the most widely used gas in the food industry), the freshness of the olive oil is maintained completely intact, with no alteration as much in the chemical composition the organoleptic characteristics identified at the time of pressing.

    In our plant, therefore, we have invested in technology with the aim of having the best possible ally in our mission: to maintain the freshness of extra virgin olive oil, until the time of bottling. Our tanks are made exclusively of stainless steel, and are manufactured by a certified manufacturing plant. The underground space where our tanks are located, first in a natural way due to geothermal reasons, and then technically due to special configurations, is kept at the desired temperatures, without dangerous fluctuations regardless of the season. Finally, our tanks have a special nitrogen filling system, so that even the last quantity of olive oil that comes out of our tank is kept fresh, just like at the time of production.

εξερετικό παρθένο ελαιόλαδο μικρής παραγωγής

    Our standard is designed to meet all the safety and hygiene requirements for the food industry and the relevant specifications of modern certification systems. We have chosen the safest material for bottling our extra virgin olive oil, glass. Glass is - according to surveys - the most suitable medium for food packaging, as it allows no alteration or interaction of the container with the contents. Our glass bottles receive special treatment at a certified manufacturing facility to prevent the sun's rays from contacting the olive oil.

     The results of our tests fill us with pride. Thanks to our meticulous work and technological choices, we are sure that every bottle that leaves our plant encloses the freshness of extra virgin olive oil as if it were produced just yesterday! So, the taste and aromas we have chosen for you will end up on your plate.

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