New Award, same Elikto®!

     "Happiness is something that multiplies when divided ..!" The phrase is credited to the beloved author Paulo Coehlo, and its meaning perfectly expresses our mindset.

     So we share with all of you the happy moment we found ourselves in recently, from which we can announce the winning of another award for our company product, the extra virgin olive oil Elikto®. In the Gourmet Exhibition - Specialist Awards competition Elikto® won a bronze award in the "Packaging Design - Branding" category!

     Gourmet Exhibition started back in 2016 in Thessaloniki as a trade fair to support and strengthen the supremacy of the Greek gastronomic tradition abroad. The ambition of this premium food exhibition is to highlight and promote small and medium-sized producers of high quality and innovation. The conditions created by the existence of the pandemic this year prevented the traditional operation of the exhibition -including the physical presence of the producers and their products in the natural space where the event used to take place in previous years. However, its organizers decided to continue at least the competition, the Specialist Awards. This specific -quality of Greek standard products- competition established in 2019, is held by "Gourmet Exhibition" and follows a different evaluation process: a numerous panel of 108 judges, consisting of tasters, chefs, academics, traders, and generally distinguished professionals in their field, these are the Specialists evaluating each participation. Selected for their criteria, experience, integrity, and reliability, they are the ones to rate all entries one by one.

    The jury gave a total score of 70.5 for Elikto®, and BRONZE AWARD, commenting: "Knitted idea-concept with design. Ideal for tourists, travelers, and foreign markets. Congratulations"! From all of us at Kallistefi Olive Gems®, a huge "thank you" to the jury. Congratulations, both to the organizers and the award-winning colleagues in the field of Greek food.

    At Kallistefi Olive Gems®,️ we believe that product quality recognized by independent bodies is a safe way to help the modern consumer in his choices. Whether it concerns the content or the container, the opinion of the "experts" has been, is, and will be of paramount importance. And although we enjoy receiving recognition, we also enjoy granting one. Let us once again publicly thank our partner: Mr. Chris Trivizas & his creative office. Thanks to his inspired point of view, our commercial vision gained a matching visual identity. Dear Christos, this award belongs to you too!

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