This is only the begging!

     The Greek international olive oil competition "ATHENA IOOC 2021", despite the adversities, counted its 6th year of occurrence. Our decision to participate in the prestigious competition appeared fated due to the identical way of thinking. The competition (while promoting some of the best olive oils from around the world) shares the following simple philosophy: the symbolic value of victory here in Greece; a country which besides being the birthplace of the olive tree, also is the homeland of noble rivalry, and the Olympic ideal! For a company that has established a pixel-by-pixel holistic corporate image, a brand name, and the entire image marketing of its product right on the Greek cultural heritage, the symbolism is eloquent!

      The competition is held in a different part of Greece every year, being an excellent opportunity to promote the various olive-growing regions of Greece. After all, the territory of Greece is a massive olive grove: from the northernmost to the southernmost, from the easternmost to the westernmost point, our country has excellent olive groves with over 120 recorded varieties. And from everywhere, new extra virgin olive oils are beginning to appear and stand out in international competitions: products of excellence & high gastronomic value. And the competition takes care to highlight this expanded "big picture" in the domestic and international consumer public.

   The competition has gained quite a reputation for its criteria strictness. We considered this as a challenge worthy to respond. The daring one wins, says a Greek saying! A double distinction was waiting for us, filling us with feelings of absolute satisfaction and gratitude. We are proud to announce that the jury awarded Elikto®️ "Bronze Award" for its quality. The second special award for "the best olive oil per region" was quite a surprise: Extra virgin olive oil Elikto®️ by Kallistefi Olive Gems®️ was named the best olive oil for Thessaly! This distinction is of tremendous importance for us, as we are allowed to put our region on the olive map of Greece, among the top olive oils. Thanks to this distinction, next to traditional olive growing areas of the country (such as Crete and the Peloponnese), Thessaly & Magnesia will proudly stand. Side by side to some well-known companies in the industry (Terra Creta, "Cyclops" Kelidis Olive Mill), who have rightfully contributed to a long history and numerous admirable and inspirational achievements, since today there is the name of Kallistefi Olive Gems®️. It treats us with honor and fills us with responsibility!


“This is only the beginning..!”

-NIKOLAS GOMAS, CEO Kallistefi Olive Gems

     For us now, at Kallistefi Olive Gems®️, this double distinction is the third and last for 2021. Our vision is to contribute with all our might so that the Greek extra virgin olive oil becomes a point of reference in the global consumer consciousness, as a synonym of excellent quality has begun to materialize. An effortless loud "thank you" to ATHENA IOOC and personally to its director Mrs. Maria Katsouli, is the least we can do. It is such moments that "pour oil on the fire" and our dreams. We are preparing many beautiful things for the near future. To make a long story short, the way we see it, this is only the beginning…! 

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