Silver Elikto for the 2nd time!

     "In any competition, the participants always have only one goal: distinction. When this competition is global, then the prize is important. ”

     With these words began our article last year, through which we informed all of you about winning our first silver prize in an international competition. The diary wrote 19 June 2020, and our joy was indescribable. Almost a year later, Elikto®️ continues the same path: continuous recognition through participation in inviolable competitive processes.

     For the 2nd consecutive year, we participated in the Berlin International Olive Oil Awards 2021. We are happy to announce that Elikto®️ extra virgin olive oil won a silver award in the category of quality. Among 762 samples of olive oil (from 22 countries of the world): this silver award means valuable recognition and confirmation for us. It is also the most valid possible guarantee of quality for the consumers.

     And maybe the ink has not dried yet from the immediately previous publication, which was about the award of the image of Elikto®️ (packaging/branding), came the next one regarding its quality, to fill us with feelings of gratitude. Elikto®️ maintains its place in the EliteOliveOils list, among the best in the world. And all of us at Kallistefi Olive Gems®️ continue to trust love and passion for what we do: this is our beacon, on which we base our entire strategy!

     Our business endeavor is a humble tribute to ancient Greek culture expressed by the names, symbols & images we have chosen. In recognition of the beneficial legacy, the consumption of extra virgin olive oil, as a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, as we call it today. A diet that traveled through time as much as the marbles of the Parthenon. And it was transmitted through our culture, as an absolute ally of health to this day.

     We try to bridge the wisdom of yesterday and the modern way of producing exceptional quality products by respectfully applying the philosophical teachings of Aristotle. Not so much to remind everyone that the Greeks were the first to cultivate the olive and consume its juice, nor to strengthen the superiority of Greek agricultural products, due to the microclimate and the long evolution of the Greek olive grove. We want to contribute to the redistribution of the unsurpassed value of extra virgin olive oil to human health, just as Hippocrates had established and recorded. The fact that it is so tasty and aromatic is a bonus!

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