Strike One..!

     In every competition, participants always have only one goal: distinction. When this competition is a world-class one, then the award is of the outmost importance.

     A few months earlier, our company Kallistefi Olive Gems®️ decided to participate for the first time in the Berlin International Olive Oil Awards, which was held - for the first time as well- in late May 2020. The results brought us the best of news: we are proud to announce that the extra virgin olive oil of our company, Elikto®️, has won a silver award in the category of quality.

     What does such a distinction mean? First of all, it means that a group of specialists, the olive oil tasters, solely according to the taste perfection of each olive oil, are called to judge by the strictest criteria and to give a score. The competition process is "blind": the judges on the test panels do not have access to information on the olive oil under consideration. They do not know from which country it comes from, whether it is single-variety or blend, what varieties it contains or how the product is packaged. They can't even see the colour of the olive oil, since the special tasting glasses are deliberately dark blue ... So, the only allowed "tools" they can use are their senses: smell and taste! Using these means, they evaluate the intensity of the aromas that each olive oil brings out and recognize its possible advantages and disadvantages.

     In the same way, they distinguish the three basic elements of an extra virgin olive oil: the fruity, the bitter and the spicy, and of course they are able to certify the complete lack of any olfactory or taste defect. And because they have tried a few thousand (...or tens of thousands) of olive oils, they are able to rate the intensity of the aromas and recognise the aromatic and flavourful references. It may not be easy for the average consumer to notice, but when a professional olive oil taster records notes of "tomato stalk" or "almond fruit" in the aromatic notes of an extra virgin olive oil, he knows very well what he is talking about!

     For us at Kallistefi Olive Gems®️, this distinction, in addition to rewarding a long and demanding effort to create a truly exceptional product, the silver award is the gateway to a vision becoming a reality. And our vision is nothing else, other than to contribute with all our might so that Greek extra virgin olive oil becomes a point of reference in the global consumer consciousness, as a synonym for excellent quality.

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