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       The ancient Greek father of modern medical science, Hippocrates, was the first to document the benefits of olive oil for the human body. This is a fact more or less widely known. He called the olive oil "Great Healer"! However, the scientists of history and archaeology developed different approaches while trying to answer the question "where did the domestication and cultivation of the olive tree originate"? 

       Around the first historical domestication and cultivation of the olive tree, the most prevalent theory to date leads us to the region of the eastern Mediterranean. Including the countries of Syria, Israel and Lebanon, they've named this part of the world as the most probable point of origin. Based on this, the same modern theory went on to say - in terms of the spread of cultivation - that about 4,500 years ago olive cultivation came to Greece and from there and on to the rest of the Mediterranean basin.

       But scientific research is a constant process, so newer discoveries often overturn older theories. The researcher and agronomist Georgios Kostelenos, recorded in 2011 in his book "Elements of Olive Growing" for the first time the tree in the photo below, with a diameter of almost eleven meters located on the island of Naxos. Based on the scientific fact that the olive tree grows by one millimeter in radius per year, the age of this tree is estimated to about 6,000 years!

       As shown in the photo, the central trunk does not exist; how could it, after 6 millennia of life ..? It gave itself to the wear and tear of time. However, the branches that have always grown around the perimeter of the tree root, are still standing before our eyes: they look like small trees dancing in a circular "dance of life"! Witnesses to an unbelievable period of 6,000 years of age, of the most ancient olive tree alive in the world.

       In the video of 2018 (link below), the researcher himself explains in a completely scientific way all about the "Gerontoelia” in Adisarou (meaning in Greek "the very old olive tree in Adisarou"). Based on his claims, the 6,000-year olive tree is a living monument of nature. A live testimony that Greece can evidently claim the paternity of the origin, the domestication and the cultivation of olive trees internationally. You can also find all the technical, scientific evidence of his claims.

“we claim the paternity of the origin, the domestication and the cultivation of olive trees”
-George Kostelenos

       So there is a reason why on the website of our company, in the section "our journey", Greece is mentioned as the country that discovered and spread olive cultivation around the world. There is a reason why we focused so much on naming both our company and our product after Greek names. There is a reason why we tried to establish such symbolism in the image of our bottle, with so many visual references to our cultural tradition.

       As a Greek olive oil company, here in "Kallistefi olive gems", we take pride in serving -from our own spot- such an ancient history: the olive growing. That being said, we consider it our reasonable duty to spread the news all over the world: In Naxos, in the very same roots of "Adisarou's Gerontoelia" lay the roots of world olive cultivation. Here in Greece!





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