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Terms of Use of the webpage: www.kallistefi.gr for Consumers

Welcome to our webpage! We hope that you will enjoy your internet experience. Kallistefi OLIVE GEMS® (hereafter “Company”) is bound to maintain a trust relationship with the users of our webpage. The following terms govern the use of the webpage on your part:

A/ Permitted use
You can explore our webpage freely and, where possible, contribute material to it, such as questions, posts and multimedia content (e.g. photos, videos). However, the use of the webpage and the posting of material to it, should not be illegal or offensive. You will have to be careful so as: (i) not to infringe the right of a third party in his/her privacy, (ii) not to infringe any intellectual property rights, (iii) not to make statements which are defamatory (including statements against the company), linked to pornography, of a racist or xenophobic nature, which promote hatred or encourage violence or disturbances, (iv) not to post files containing viruses or which may cause security problems, or (v) not to jeopardize in any other way the integrity of the webpage

Please, take into consideration that the company is in a position to remove any content from the webpage which, in its point of view, may be illegal or offensive. In case of support of the company or/ and of other products of it by third parties in return for consideration, this relationship will be stated clearly to the public.

B/ Personal Data Protection

The Privacy Statement of the company applies to every personal data or material that you share on the present webpage.

C/ Intellectual Property Rights

(i). Material provided by the company: All intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trade mark rights, in material published by the company or for it on the webpage (e.g. text and images) are property of the company or of its licensees. You can reproduce extracts from the webpage for personal private use (namely, for non-commercial use) provided that you preserve intact and you respect all the rights of intellectual property to them, including the copyright statement, which may accompany the said material (e.g. © Kallistefi OLIVE GEMS®).

(ii) Material provided by You. You State and guarantee the company that you are either the creator of the material that you contribute to the present webpage or that you have obtained the relevant rights (namely, you have obtained permit from the beneficiary) and that you are in a position to contribute the said material (e.g. photos, videos, music) to the webpage. You agree that the material you contribute will be handled as a non-confidential piece of information and you grant the company a free, continuous and global permit to use (including disclosure, reproduction, transfer, publication or transmission) the material you provide for purposes linked to its business activity. Please, keep in mind that the company may decide freely on for how long it will use the said material or not, and that the company may have already produced similar material or may have obtained such a material from other sources, a case in which all the intellectual property rights to this material remain with the company and its licensees.

D/ Liability

Even though the company makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the material contained in our webpage, and to avoid accessibility problems to it, we are not responsible for inaccurate information, access problems, shutdown or other facts which may cause you direct loss (e.g. pc damage) or consequential (e.g. loss of profits) damage. The intake and use of the content of the present webpage is realised on your responsibility. The present webpage may contain links to websites of third parties. The company has no control over the websites that belong to third parties, it does not necessarily support them and it does not assume any responsibility for them concerning their content, validity and operation. Hence, we ask you to study carefully the legal notes of the said third-party websites, as well as to be informed of any changes in them. You may be an administrator of a third-party webpage and you may wish to insert a link to the present webpage. In this case, the company is not opposed to any such link, provided that you use the exact URL of the initial page of the present webpage (e.g. “deep linking” is forbidden) and you do not display in any way that you are linked to or are supported by the company, you must not use any “framing” link types or similar practices, and you must ensure that the link to the webpage opens in a new window.

E/ Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The webpage is addressed to users coming from Greece only. The company does not guarantee that the products and content of the present webpage will be suitable or available to locations other than in Greece. You and the company agree that any claims or dispute relating to the webpage will be governed by the Greek Law and will be resolved in the Courts of Athens, Greece.

F/ Amendments

The company  preserves the right to make changes to the present terms of use. Please, go to the present page from time to time, so that you checkout the present, new and additional information.

G/ Contact us

The webpage administrator is Kallistefi OLIVE GEMS, 1 Menelaou Lountemi, Nea Ionia - Volos, 38446.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the Webpage, please do not hesitate to contact us, (i)Via e-mail: info@kallistefi.gr, (ii)By phone at: +30 24210 90272, (iii)By post at the address: Kallistefi OLIVE GEMS, Greece, 1 Menelaou Lountemi, Nea Ionia - Volos, 38446.

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